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Mahendra Technologies utilizes its vast domain knowledge and in-depth technology expertise in offering IT Solutions to diverse industries worldwide. We offer strategic software solutions to diverse industries that aim to provide them with a competitive edge and maximize their Return on Investments (ROI).

The professional team at Mahendra Technologies evolves technology solutions for industries that enhance their performance, and enable them in meeting the emerging challenges of work, from time to time. And, by effectively using the proven global delivery model and a combination of onshore and offshore resources, Mahendra Technologies provides cost-effective solutions and assures that organizations receive sizable returns on what is spent.

Mahendra Technologies' industry-specific IT Solutions include,


Mahendra Technologies' IT solutions take into consideration the competition and imbalances faced by the IT industry today. The primary focus of Mahendra Technologies will be on cost reduction and commodity approach to partner selection.

Health Care

Mahendra Technologies gauges and understands the challenges faced by the healthcare industry due to increased government regulations, e-business challenges, rising patient expectations & demand for lower healthcare costs.

Mobile Applications

Mahendra has developed platform agnostic framework and custom platforms for mobile application development for the mobile phones which include remote data synchronization, telephony and messaging based mobile application as well as video content delivery of


Mahendra Technologies offers secure banking solutions that comprises an extensive range of enterprise banking products that cater to the varied operations and departments of banks. Mahendra Technologies aims to provide the customers a cost-effective option to go for


Our Retail Solutions leverages its proprietary, experienced-based software and analytic capabilities to provide a variety of delivery options, making it easier for customers to derive the greatest value from solutions that are offered.


Mahendra Technologies gauges the complexities associated with utilities that result from a fast changing geo-political climate, aging and overstressed infrastructures, and increasing costs. Mahendra Technologies' proven and timely tested utility solutions are built on
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